Men's Tweed Wool Darzi gilet in green weave - side view
Man wearing Tweed Wool Darzi gilet in green weave
Men's Tweed Wool Darzi gilet in green weave - close up view
Men's Tweed Wool Darzi gilet in green weave - front view

The Shetland - Green Weave

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This classic Darzi gilet in our Shetland range has been cut from a luxurious but hard-wearing mid-weight wool fabric in green, featuring a wonderfully unique and sophisticated weaved pattern design. Contrasting outer pockets in a subtle Ocean Blue are combined with a navy fleece lining, leather trimmed Nehru collar and an inner top pocket for the ultimate combination of form and function.

Shetland Wool Gilets

XS: 38-39" Chest / 29" Length

S: 40-41" Chest / 29" Length

M: 42-43" Chest / 29" Length

L: 44-45" Chest / 29" Length

XL: 45-46" Chest / 29" Length

XXL: 47-48" Chest / 30" Length 

Pure wool has been used to make clothing for thousands of years and for good reason. Naturally it is thermally insulating, water and odour resistant, extremely hard wearing, breathable and biodegradable; a unique combination of characteristics which make it the perfect choice for high quality, sustainably sourced outerwear. Moreover, thanks to these natural characteristics, abrasive washing treatments are generally unnecessary.

For day to day care, store on a hanger where possible. If well used, or even a little abused, simply hanging out in cool, fresh air for a short time is often all that is needed to bring a wool garment back to its original shape and form.

In the case of light soiling and small mishaps, always try spot cleaning with a brush or a damp cloth in the first instance. In the case of major mishaps, we recommend dry cleaning as a last resort. 

DO NOT tumble dry. 

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