A firm favourite among our wool gilet range, the Merino combines both form and function within an effortlessly stylish, highly versatile and durable outer layer. 100% premium merino wool provides warmth and structure over a navy cotton inner lining which allows for a mildly tailored but relaxed fit.

Inspired by Tradition

Once a symbol of an exotic, untravelled world, the pineapple features in our logo as a subtle reference to the age old tradition of exploration and adventure. Whilst such lofty ideals may seem outdated in the context of today, an enduring spirit of curiosity and tradition is at the heart of the Darzi brand. It inspires everything we do, from the style of the products that we make and the materials that we use, to the role models that we uphold.

Designed for Life
Versatile & Durable

Whether for simply getting outdoors or for exploring a far flung corner of the globe, our products are designed for enjoying and experiencing life. And by life we mean it; they are built to last.